Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter Fan

I’m a Harry Potter fan. OK I said it. I was hooked with the movies. We have them all and are waiting for the next one. I read the first book and was just blown away with the writing. What imagination I kept saying.

I’m currently looking for the audio versions because I enjoy listening to it on tape. I think it’s a great series to introduce to your children because the book grows with your kids. They are such huge books, you can read for months as bed time stories.

My kids love the movies, but they couldn’t get into the books. I think they’re too young. Harry is for the older kid 10 and up.

No I didn’t run out and pick up the latest copy. I was tempted, they had a big party here. My kids went away for the weekend, so I had to miss it.

The Potter books are on my wish list. Hopefully before the year is out, I’ll have them all.

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