Friday, July 22, 2005

LaVena L. Johnson

I joined the Navy fresh out of high school. I expected to see the world and make a little money. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine we’d go to war. While in boot camp, we had some problems overseas and a few of our shipmates where shipped over there. It scared me a little, but not enough to want to get out.

Tuesday our community lost a young lady who just like me joined the military right out of high school. Her name is Army Pvt. LaVena L. Johnson. She was 19. In this time an age you wonder why would someone join the military with everything going on in the world. You have to admire the young lady for having the courage to defend our country.

While I was in the Navy I didn’t think about defending the country. I was doing my job. After I was out, I realized how serious the job was. Joining the military means signing up to defend your country. If you’re lucky you never have to take up arms. Sometimes you do.

It always surprises me to hear people dog out our country. Yes we have our issues. What country doesn’t? However all you have to do is live in another country and you can see how privilege we are here.

My prayers go out to LeVena's family. Losing a love one is hard. However losing one because of their job is even worse. You know what their job means, but you respect their wishes for wanting to do it.

I’m one of those who believes everyone should do two years in the military. It will make you appreciate your country.

I salute Army Pvt. LaVena L. Johnson and I thank you for risking your life, so I could stay home safely with my family. May the Lord wrap his arms around your family as they grieve. May many other young ladies and men, take up the torch you left and continue to defend our country. As one who did, its an honor.

Today they announced LaVena was promoted to the rank of Private First Class.


Cherlyn Michaels said...

This story saddened me. My prayers are with her family.

princessdominique said...

Yes, my prayers are with her family as well. Thank you for commenting on my "father" post.

upwords said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. And thanks for serving so to keep the rest of us safe.

LaShaunda said...


They had her funeral yesterday. Many came to see her off.

Shelia said...

I send my prayers up for you and everyone else that came in contact with her.

cheryl said...

I'm sendings prayers for all who are suffering at the hands of abusers. The circumstances surrounding her death are suspicious and she should have been protected while she proctected us.