Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To Tape Or Not to Tape

Yesterday I tried a new writing technique. Talking into a tape recorder. I bought the recorder a few years ago, because I had heard some writers use it to take down their thoughts. However whenever I tried it, nothing would come out. It was like I was staring at a blank page. What the heck would I talk about?

For the past two years, my husband has driven me to work. I used this time to read my bible and catch up on some reading or if I was lucky do a little writing. My husband bought a mini-van so I’m back to driving. Guess what happens, all kinds of thoughts come to me as I’m driving. I don’t have time to write, which means the thoughts are driving me crazy.

I decided to try the tape recorder again. It actually worked. I started talking and couldn’t shut up. The words were flowing like water. Could this system really work for me? It might if I can get over the transcribing. I hate transcribing. I’m hoping listen to my own voice won’t be so bad.

Have you ever recorded your thoughts?

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Shelia said...

People keep telling me I should try it. But then who will transfer the thoughts to the computer (ME), so I would rather just wait and get behind the keyboards and type than use a recorder.