Thursday, July 21, 2005

Favorite Invention

On the Today Show they were discussing their favorite inventions.

For me, my favorite inventions is the internet. This invention has changed my life.

I’ve learned a lot by visiting other websites and taking online classes. I can do research for my stories. I can visit other countries without leaving my home. I can communicate with old friends and make new friends. I can share my wisdom with other people. I can even be an entrepreneur.

What invention is your favorite?


Karen Scott said...

My favourite invention would have to be the television,

I love being able to see exactly what's going on around the world 24/7.

In our office at work, we always have Fox News and CNN channels switched on, so we can keep up with developments in other parts of the world.

LaShaunda said...

That's my second favorite. I'm addicted to t.v. I figure there are far more worst things to be addicted to. LOL!

Shelia said...

Being in Louisiana, I have to say my favorite invention at the moment is the Air Conditioner. Lord knows I don't see how our forefathers/mothers did without it.

My second favorite is a tie - computer & internet.

LaShaunda said...


Right now the air conditioner is the BEST invention.