Friday, July 15, 2005

I’m writing again

Yesterday an idea hit me. Everyone has told me to write what you know. I use to be in the Navy so they say write about the Navy. I couldn’t see it since I wrote romance. However since there is this new genre Chick Lit, I thought now is my chance to write about my Navy adventures.

Its so refreshing to meet new characters and listen to them tell their story. Yes you know they tell the story. They just make you write it.

I’m one of those writers who writes before I type. I have always did my books like this. For some reason I can’t start at the computer.

I wrote five pages yesterday. I was hyped. Did a little research. I’m setting it in San Diego, my second duty station. While in the Navy I had three duty stations, Guam, San Diego and Pensacola FL so hopefully I’ll have a story for each place.

Don’t you just love starting a story?

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Dee said...

write on, lashaunda. :)