Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hell's Kitchen

Yes I’m still addicted to t.v. I’ve been watching the reality show, Hell’s Kitchen. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a chef. I joined the military and that dreamed died when I found out the hours they worked.

This show let me live through the contestants. One contestant caught my heart. Elise. She was a mother of 6 who always wanted her own restaurant. She didn’t have any cooking experience accept for what she done at home. I admired her, because she had the guts to try at her dream and she almost made it.

Last night she was kicked off. She crumbled under the pressure. I felt for her because she had so much spunk but as the night went on you saw it slowly dimming.

Elise – Thanks for striving for your dream. You inspired me to never give up. If you don’t try it can never happen. I pray the Lord sends someone to offer you a position, so you can learn the business of being a chef and owning a restaurant. I know one day you will have your own restaurant and I pray I have the honor of eating there.


Karen Scott said...

Our version of Hell's Kichen has celebrities in them, much funnier!!

LaShaunda said...

Hey Karen,

I've decided not to watch the rest. I can't imagine why anyone would
want to eat at the winner's resturant.

Does Gordan cuss at the celebrities?

Karen Scott said...

Oh yeah, he swears like a trooper!! He made all the celebs cry at one point or another.

upwords said...

He's too much for me. I passed it surfing once, but kept going. Sounds like I missed on a few great contestants though. Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

My husband cooks professionally, and we were both glued to the whole show. We admired Elise, too.